Why I took up web designing

Abhirup Panja
2 min readNov 4, 2015

I was one of those folks who only daydreamed and procrastinated day and night about being a great someday. And to tell the truth life was quite smooth and uncruel to me. Yeah, I used the word uncruel cause I didn’t have the fear of getting rejected or face any disappointment every now and then for the things I did. Life went on like this till my college.

Then one fine day my friend asked me to accompany him to the college Hackathon and I was like man I don’t know have any clue about coding. He assured me that he will be covering up for me. And that was the beginning of something I refer to as a beautiful beginning and a necessary end.

Beginning of a new era in my life and the ending of a certain me that had been inside a cocoon for so many years . From then on I started observing not seeing things . I appreciated the beauty which hid in the simplicity of so many designs around me . The world of beautiful websites always there but had been hidden from my eyes . I suppose it happens with everyone until they start venturing out into the subtly coloured sites that leave a bright impression on your mind.

Now talking about me I started out by poking around on W3schools and wasn’t fascinated by it so soon. During the Colin summer I started venturing more given the bulk of time I had to kill doing nothing. Slowly I came across sites likes awwards and css design awards and I started thinking why do I feel like revisiting the sites listed there. The sheer beauty was portrayed so easily on those sites but the underlying process was so tight I couldn’t have imagined. But maybe I liked challenges too much and I embarked on my journey of making the web a more beautiful place to surf .

From then there has never been a point when I felt I made the wrong decision though I have been facing disappointments a lot but still I consider myself in the learning phase. I am looking forward to a great journey lying ahead and completing my journey of making the web a beautiful place to surf.