Project Musing (Part II)

Go make a child happy today. You don’t have to be a social worker to do that. Children don’t have access to education in this country and we talk about bullet trains. This sorry state of affairs can be changed by YOU and not the government.
Kudos for taking a brave decision! In our country, everybody puts science on the highest pedestal. Some great soul (Albert Einstein, notice the irony?) said that “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. Societal pressure and preconceived notions cause a child better suited for the humanities to pursue science. Amidst all this brouhaha over science, some people manage to realise their full potential and change streams before it’s too late. (But it’s never too late). Respect!
This one is for our readers who also are fans of gore. Not everything has an Edward-Bella ending, right?
It’s the world of millennials. Who knows what their memories are gonna be woven up of! Every once in a while, whenever you see a child playing in the park, your heart reaches out to your fine and dandy past, those “good ol’ days” when airplanes in the night sky were like shooting stars.
Somethings never change in life. A child who was told its grandmother is now living among the stars will always look for her even when they grow up every time they look up in the sky and see a shining star.



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