Project Musing (Part I)

Abhirup Panja
3 min readMar 18, 2017


The Project Musing started out as an exercise, really. It was merely a game that me and my best-friend played when we had nothing to else to talk about. Both of us felt the need of getting rid of the writer’s block that had occupied our brains. So we thought, let’s muse our way out! But as we got our nerve cells rolling, we realised this was turning out to be something great! Most of the musings have a personal touch to them. That’s an outrageous thing to admit, but we won’t deny that fact. We had a lot of fun twisting up the endings.

The Process :

One of us would initiate, the other one would proceed with the second line and the initiator would terminate. Sometimes it was unexpected, on other times, the meaning completely changed. Sometimes we pooped over the endings, and sometimes shit got so real, we stared at it in disbelief, were it really us who wrote it? But you don’t have to worry we bring you the choicest of the musings (just the way lays claims it brings its chips).
So hop on to the roller coaster ride we are gonna flag off, hope it will be as much fun reading for you guys it as was creating it for us.
Feel free to relate, tear up and don’t be surprised if you’re caught off guard!

My best friend has a real close connection with this one. Check out blog for more
Liaison is a kind of affair that is secret or illicit so we thought what better way to describe the plight of the love birds amidst this homophobic society that surrounds us.
Viraag is a Hindi word that mean the emotional pain of being separated from a loved one.
Sultry, the way the woman’s body is
Sultry, the way the weather outside is

So this was the first set of Musings that we managed to compile and upload, hope you liked it and a special thanks to Radha Parikh who is actually the co-author of this article.

Stay tuned for more musings.

Here is a link to the second part of this project.