Preconditions of Love

Abhirup Panja
4 min readSep 15, 2016

From the beginning of time humans have tried to interpret love. They have taken to different forms of art to try to interpret it in as many ways as possible. A great deal of artists have been romantics themselves and most of their famous works are the result of this feeling called love. Does love influence art? Well I don’t know about that, but I am sure that it is an outlet for ones emotions. And what affects a person more than the magical feeling of love. Love inspires people, it is the most effective form of intoxication that one experiences in his or her life. Love gives you a high that the best of marijuana can’t guarantee. It’s a trance where even the most logic driven person on the earth stops listening to his brain and lets his heart chase that butterfly it thought it saw fly by.
Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa trying to express his love for well Mona Lisa. Keats penned down ‘Ode on an Grecian Urn’ coming out of a slump in his career. The driving force in this case was one Ms Fanny Brawne who turned out be his new neighbour who Keats had gotten engaged to. Well as there are numerous verses that roam around the concept of love there are probably more songs that are related somehow to love. My point here is that love has been here from the beginning of time and has effected humans in ways that no other feeling has ever done and maybe can’t ever do.
Taking reference from a rather modern song “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry, the song is about love being unconditional. Maybe the lone entity that comes without a small asterisk of terms and conditions. Love as I told is a trance, and in a trance one doesn’t have composure to abide by some rules. There shouldn’t be any norms that dictate love. Well yeah I wrote “there shouldn’t be” because actually there are dictums that dictates one whome to love, whom we can’t love, who we should definitely not love and well whom we can’t even fall for. Well did you notice one thing common in all the norms, all of these ‘rules’ tell you what not to do or more precisely whom you cannot love. Well doesn’t this sound a bit unsound? It surely does to me, cause as I have tried to establish in the first half of my article that love inspires, love motivates, love drives you to do stuff that defies logic, love makes you happy. Then what is the point of having these unsound norms that shackles love? Nowadays the common phrase of “Love Hurts” has been surfacing too much on news feeds of people (mostly teens, I don’t know what’s wrong with them but keeping them aside). Why has love become synonymous with pain, agony and torment? Didn’t god design love to actually tackle these issues that nowadays have become synonymous to love?
Love is hindered on scores of diversified norms that are followed throughout the world. Sometimes the colour of our partner raises eyebrows or sometimes our income category doesn’t match as acceptable by the society. Quite a lot of times our religion builds an unsurmountable wall. While every religion claims to preach love and harmony why do they run out of their preachings when it comes to these matters? And well sometimes we just get the gender wrong don’t we, cause we are just so dumb. How can we get attracted to the same gender as we are.

“Nature forbids such kind of love”

Well nature doesn’t care when it comes to humans over polluting its resources, wasting its resources and unmercifully killing its beings but yeah, it surely get berserk if a boy is attracted to another boy.
The world applauds you if you hate someone. You will find much less resistance to hating someone than loving someone. And this anomaly really disturbs me day in and day out. The changing norms of the world really scares me because we are slowly moving towards a world where building a wall around a country brings you more supporters than falling in some “forbidden” love. We really need to check our rules for it is time that we return back to the basics and start remedying the wrongs. I don’t know if nature will be unhappy if we run out of fossil fuels in the near future, but it surely will be worried if we run out of love and compassion for each other in the near coming days. We shout slogans of “Make peace not war” but we actually are preaching “Breed hate choke love”. Rather than looking at the big picture always sometimes paying attention to details can go a long way to mend much bigger problems.

So its really time that we toss out the preconditions of love and make love truly “UNCONDITIONAL”.

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