Digging into the Harry Potter Names Part 1

Recently I came across a comment on Reddit that pointed out to me that the name Dolores means pain. When I dug a bit deeper I found that it is a Spanish word which means sorrow, taken from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary María de los Dolores, meaning “Mary of Sorrows” [cite]. So it got me thinking about the Harry Potter character Dolores Umbridge, and I found that the second name of that character Umbridge is just one letter off of the word umbrage which means annoyance. So I put my weird logic to it and deduced maybe the like the character itself in the Harry Potter books her name maybe actually means pain and annoyance. I put this observation on my Instagram story and I gathered some interest among my followers. This motivated me to dig a bit deeper into the other names of the various Harry Potter characters, and I decided to come up with this article digging into the names of other characters of the series.

Disclaimer: All of these are my opinion, please don’t be offended by it. Though leave your thoughts and counter opinions in the comments.

Okay so I am gonna end this one here, but I would like to keep this series an open-source kind of thing, where I would love to know your comments, thoughts and more interesting theories than I have put up here. Please let me know in the comments or just drop me a message, I am always up for a good Harry Potter discussion. Maybe we can come up with a better second part together?
Also, I know you can find scores of articles stating the etymology of the Harry Potter character names, I am not the first one to do so, but I just found it interesting that I hadn’t thought about all this being an avid fan for so long. So I am hoping this article pushes you to wonder and find more fascinating stuff about our favorite fandom.
As always be curious!
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